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#479370 - 11/17/01 03:12 AM HYPE: Wolfman speaks in Comics Journal #239
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Here we go again -- The Comics Journal #239 is the second installment of our look at creator's rights at the turn of the century, with the second installments of both the Wolfman Blade trial transcripts and Bob Levin's extended look at the war waged between Dan O'Neill's Air Pirates and the Disney corporation.

We're only posting one item on our website this month, but we think you'll like it: hit the homepage and check out Michael Dean's extended interview with Marv Wolfman, in which they discuss the trial, how a lack of money dictated the direction of Wolfman's case, and why he and John Byrne aren't speaking to one another these days.


  • Political cartoonist Cinders McLeod draws on her experiences in the trenches of the British news dailies to explain the progressive sanitizing of op-ed cartooning.
  • In what Dave Sim calls our true "let's-you-and-him-fight" fashion, we invited Danny Hellman to review fellow lawsuit antagonist Ted Rall's 2024, and Rall to review Legal Action Comics. Read the results this issue!
  • Rich Kreiner braves Ultra Gash Inferno, one of the sickest books published this year, and returns to describe the experience.
  • Historian and cartoonist Trina Robbins shines the spotlight on Erika Lopez' Hoochie Mama.

It's meaty, filling, and should hold you over until the Winter Special hits the shelves, it's The Comics Journal #239 ! Check it out!
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#479371 - 11/19/01 02:16 AM Re: HYPE: Wolfman speaks in Comics Journal #239
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Here we go again Mr. Byrne!
push! push! God dammit!

#479372 - 11/19/01 09:07 AM Re: HYPE: Wolfman speaks in Comics Journal #239
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Dirk, do you know if Cinders McLeod has a website, or in what papers her editorial cartoons appear?

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Originally posted by Elayne Riggs:
Dirk, do you know if Cinders McLeod has a website, or in what papers her editorial cartoons appear?

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