Ladeez an' Gennelmun... SAVANT for December 6, 2001:

START : What We Leave Behind
Alec Austin remembers an old conversation with his father, and says farewell to SAVANT.

ESSAY : Where is Harry Potter?
The greatest thing to hit pop culture since sliced bread, and David McNulty wonders why comics is missing the boat.

ESSENTIAL : Dork Tower Volume 2
Dave Potter makes sweet, sweet SAVANT-style love to John Kovalic's very funny comic series.

QUICK TAKES featuring Kurt Busiek
The award winning writer joins the SAVANT crew to talk about CrossGen, pop comics theory, and the Dark Knight. Yes, he even elevates the dialogue.

REVIEWS , by the SAVANT crew
Ultimate X-Men, Jay Hosler's The Sandwalk Adventures, and more, including some book about Batman.

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Hope you can make it!

Gus Dahlberg
Gus Dahlberg