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#480387 - 12/12/01 06:49 PM UPDATE on my family situation
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It's been a while since I posted about my mother's recent heart attack. Rather than continue that thread there with the negative thread topic line, I figured I'd start a new thread, since it's of a significantly more positive vein.

10 days after her admission to the Cardiac ICU, the doctors finally stabilized her blood pressure and got her initial cat-scan. Despite other physical evidence that could possibly be the result of a stroke, there appeared to be no signs of brain damage from the initial scans. They are cuatiously optimistic and were going to run more cat-scan tests. They transferred her over to pulmonary ICU, where they are trying to clear up other infections in the lungs before surgery. She is still in bad shape, but obviously improving.

She is off the blood circulator and they were trying to ween her off the ventilator. They said the longest she was able to stay off of it for was an hour before needing it again, but that was a week ago and we've not heard from them since by phone.

The doctors claimed then that they'd give it another week before deciding whether it was time to try the bypass surgery; see how far she progressed off the ventilator and if they cleared the infections in her body. Try to determine the best means for surgery, because they were thinking a pacemaker might need to be put in as well. That was last Thursday. As I said, no word from the hospital, and my dad won't call them. We only go up to the hospital once a week (on one of my dad's days off work and we can't afford the 200 mile drive more than once a week anyway). That's tomorrow, so I guess we find out more tomorrow.

But considering how little expectation anyone had for her survival, the fact that she's recovered as much as she has so far is certainly a good sign.

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#480388 - 12/12/01 07:16 PM Re: UPDATE on my family situation
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I lost my dad almost the same way Louis last year, so peace and blessings to your mom.