has been updated again to include sales of original artwork and is now updated daily for content.

If you haven't visited yet you should do so - the new home of Heavy Metal magazine online. The site features a terrific search capability cross-referencing issues and creators in the history of Heavy Metal magazine. A search on Corben for example brings you immediately to a complete listing of 45 issues his work has appeared in, 28 store items and five articles featuring him. You can peruse each issues table of contents to cross reference your other favorite artists. Search "Moebius" and you'll find 7 items for sale including original artwork and 45 issues his work has appeared in.

Through the online store you can acquire all Heavy Metal merchandise and original artwork. In the Artists Arena you'll find the newest works by Lorenzo Sperlonga and on the W.B.I.Z. channel there are all new episodes of Bisley action - all updated weekly

Have fun surfing and best wishes to all for a warm and wonderful holiday season

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