Just a notice for Moore collectors:

I'm once again putting a number of rarities from the SpiderBaby archives on eBay (packing for a move in the spring, and stuff has got to go!). Here's the first that may be of interest to the comicon.com community. Best of luck, one and all.


Alan Moore: AARGH! orig. script & zine (in collectibles, comics, UK, and
books, other)

"There's no proper category for this rare combo, but here we go: Here's Alan
Moore's rare, first self-published
venture, AARGH! (Mad Love, Oct. 1988, first printing, fine-excellent
condition) -- but that's not all! Along with a
sterling-condition copy of AARGH!, you get one of the artist's (my own)
original photocopy of Alan Moore's script for
one of the stories featured in AARGH!, "The Mirror of Love" (pages 2-10 in
the magazine), illustrated by Rick Veitch
and yours truly, Steve Bissette..."

For more, check out my listing on eBay.

Again, best of luck... and
Happy New Year, one and all.

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