Cassandra Complex: A Novel Idea, Part Two
By Antony Johnston
If the comic industry were to switch over exclusively to graphic novels, would it be the answer to all our prayers? Or would it just present us with another set of problems?

The Ninth Art Lighthouse Awards 2001
By Cromarty, Dogger, Plymouth, Fisher and German Bight
Ninth Art's quintet of piscatorial pundits at the Shipping Forecast present the first annual Lighthouse Awards, in which they name the best comics and creators of 2001.

The Shipping Forecast for January 4th
By Dogger, Plymouth and Fisher
Just because we've kept our five fisherfolk busy with the Lighthouse Awards doesn't mean we let them off their usual duties. The first comics shipment of 2002 is on its way, and it boasts new Busiek, old Moore, and a distinctly dodgy Batman gimmick.

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