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#482089 - 12/20/01 10:28 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Edwin Bravenech Jr Offline

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Originally posted by metron:
Here's my top ten:

Elvira #100 (Dan DeCarlo art)

Daredevil: Yellow

100 Bullets


Love and Rockets

Top 100 Marvels-for the idea only, not the actual choices

Ditko Package series

Spirit reprints

Lone Wolf and Cub

Orion by Walter Simonson

Is Daredevil yellow concluded?

#482090 - 12/20/01 11:23 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
C.Kent Offline

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Originally posted by snoid:
Pat, not trying to slam you here I really want to know, why on earth would you buy a book that you do not enjoy? I've seen this before about other comcis here and it always seemed strange that someone would spend good money on something they don't enjoy, so what gives?

A logical question...
I preorder my comics from Discount Comic Book service ( get them 35% off. So I ordered the first 3 issues before I read #1. I just finished # 3 and decided that I really don't like it, but guess what? Rucka is taking over the book, so I'll give it a chance. If I don't like his first issue, I'm off it. I find Bendis' story to be subpar and the art doesn't appeal to me.
Pat D.
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#482091 - 12/20/01 12:12 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
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Pat, thanks makes sense.
Words fail the system people only know words as a cover up tool in order to describe things.
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#482092 - 12/20/01 05:49 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Swami Coug Offline

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Originally posted by Edwin Bravenech Jr:
Is Daredevil yellow concluded?

It is due to conclude with issue #6. The series has been running late, but the last issue should be out soon.

#482093 - 12/21/01 10:17 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
J.C. Glindmyer Offline

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1. DK2- the book that got comic fans back into the stores
2. Heroes- the book that got civilians into the stores
3. Authority-the tough little bastard of a book that you have to love. Political Correctness killed this book. May it rest in Peace.
4. Ultimate Spider-man-The best superhero book out there! Bendis is tha man!
5. Top Ten- NYPD Blue meets the Watchmen. Alan Moores best stuff in a decade.
6. Powers- See#4
7. 100 Bullets- Uncomprimising and gritty. A worthy successor to Sandman and Preacher as the flagship Vertigo book.
8. Amazing Spider-Man- JMS did the impossible, made this book readable again.
9. Alias-See#4 and #6. Great concept and this gives a glimpse into an unseen aspect of the Marvel Universe.
10. Green Arrow-Not Smiths best work, but his talent for dialog made this book shine-
Best Line: Batman to Green Arrow: "haven't you ever had an original thought?"

#482094 - 12/21/01 08:39 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
SwiftMann Offline

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For those books I've read:

Akira - the phonebooks are great and show how amazing this is
Four Women - unbelievable
Barry Ween 3 - funniest book since the last one
Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners - want to get the first series but I don't like the size of the trade
Black Panther - best Marvel book no one is reading (literally)
Out There - just fun and beautiful
Magic Pickle - what a great book
Alias - finally a post-hype Bendis book I like
The Soap Lady - actually a hardcover "children's book" by Renee French
X-Force - because it's X-Force. come on man! if i have to explain everything to you you will never learn

Two books I found this year but only put out one issue each:
Frayed Ends - only has two issues but a great concept and nice art. check it out at
Hey, Mister - pure irreverence. no PC in this book. ahh, freedom. from Top Shelf.

#482095 - 12/21/01 09:08 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
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Hi everyone! I just joined the forum, and thought this thread was a great place to start off.

Here are my top ten (in no particular order):

1. Ultimate Spider-man
2. Powers (the whole RetroGirl arc)
3. Midnight Nation #8
4. Rising Stars
5. Alias #1
6. Green Arrow #8
7. Origin #2
8. Amazing Spider-man #34
9. Ultimate X-Men
10. Rogue

Spooky Ranger

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#482096 - 12/21/01 10:35 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
nenad Offline

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Originally posted by OwenE:
8 Albert et Les Autres

Can't wait to see this somewhere...was it as good as Aline et Les Autres?
I liked Black Hole and Fifth Name. I liked some other comics/graphic novels, but I can't remember what stood out.


Critically acclaimed European graphic novel "Different Ugliness, Different Madness" in March Previews:

#482097 - 12/21/01 11:32 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Tuck Offline

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Oh, alright, I'll play, too. (Can't imagine anyone cares, but whatever)...

In the immortal words of Nigel Tufnel, "this one goes to 11.."
Straczynski and JRJR's Amazing Spider-Man #36
Simonson's Orion
Mignola's Hellboy (Conqueror Worm)
Adams' Authority (#27)
Snejberg's JSA (Either issue he did)
Robinson's Starman (RIP, miss this title a bunch)
Larsen's Savage Dragon (-still- fun after all these years)
Pacheco's Fantastic Four (when he drew it, that is)
Steranko's SHIELD (collection)
Cole's Plastic Man (collection)(thanks DC Archives!)
and my favorite thing I read this year? Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home.

There you go, totally four-color. Maybe next year there'll be more Strangehaven or something.

Looking forward to: Sears' the Path, the next Tim Sale project, Pacheco's JSA/JLA team up and Perez/Busiek's JLA/Avengers...

#482098 - 12/23/01 09:05 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Siege of Quebec Offline

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It won`t be original but at least it`s a genuine Top ten:

1- X-Force
2- Ultimate Spiderman
3- 100 Bullets
4- Hellblazer
5- Black Panther
6- Alias
7- JSA
8- Ultimate X-men (first storyline)
9- Origin
10- Green Arrow

Or if we talk about one issue in particular the Best issues of 2001:

1- Ulitmate X-men...that issue where Magneto reprogram the Sentinels in mid-air and Wolvie stab him

2- Green Arrow 4: Ollie in the Watchtower!

3- Ultimate Spiderman 16: Peter beat the Kingpin. OK, you`re so fat...

4- X-Force 116: you know the one

5- Origin 2: so, THAT guy was Wolverine?

6- Hellblazer..."sex with dog" issue

7- Punisher 6: a psychopath`s last wish

8- The First 6 (i think it`s issue 6...): The king of the Gods split the two clans. Great work by Bart Sears!

9- Alias 3: Can we say best interrogation ever by a cop?

10- Alias 1: Cap?
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