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#482099 - 12/24/01 12:32 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
OwenE Offline

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Nenad, re Albert et les Autres

I think it was probably just as good as Aline, it was however extremely similar which robbed it of some of it's impact with me. The cartooning was brilliant but after 52 stories on vaguely similar themes spread over the two books it wasn't quite as fresh as it once was.

Still good enough for my top 10 but it didn't strike me as much as Aline did

#482100 - 12/24/01 10:02 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Jamie Coville Offline

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Most of my reading these days are TPB's published before 2001, but out of the books published this year I'll give props to (in order):

Barry Ween Vol. 1, 2
Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 2, 3, & 4
Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 1
Barry Ween Vol. 3
X-Force #116
Frumpy the Clown Vol. 1, 2 (Dunno if this was published this year or not.. I bought it this year though).

Jamie Coville
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#482101 - 12/25/01 08:55 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001

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Well, Iím not gonna pull out specific issues but the titles which Iíve found delicious over the last year in no particular order:

1. The final story arc in Starman
2. Strangers in Paradise
3. Planetary
4. The Authority
5. Peter Parker TSSM
6. Amazing Spider Man
7. Lucifer
8. 100 Bullets (a new find for me)
9. Wildcats
10. Harley Quinn

of course some of the titles mentioned earlier are great ó Black Hole (when it comes out, I still canít make sense of any schedule on the damn thing), Eightball (showing there is relevant material published beyond the scope of the two big publishers), Hellblazer, Flash, Impulse, Books of Magic, Birds of Prey, Punisher and Banner

#482102 - 12/26/01 01:42 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Mohundro Offline

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In no particular order:

Berlin: City of Stones TP
Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President
Breakfast After Noon TP
Golem's Mighty Swing
Atlas #1
Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners TP
X-Force (Milligan/Allred)
Eightball #22
Box Office Poison TP
Alec: How to Be an Artist

#482103 - 12/26/01 01:53 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
The Scarlet Edge Offline

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in no order:

New X-Men
Ultimate Spiderman
100 Bullets
Incredible Hulk since Bruce Jones took over (i know its only been two issues, but im lovin it)
Fantastic Four 1234 (Jae Lee AND Grant Morisson... mmmmm)
The Red Star (when it came out...)
Midnight Nation

#482104 - 12/26/01 03:01 PM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Ken Rothstein Offline

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I don't read too many comics anymore. But I would say that my favorite Marvel comic this year was DEFENDERS, and my favorite single issue was ORIGIN #2. I hate the X-Men, but the twist at the last part was exceptionally well done I thought. At least I didn't see it coming. Didn't make me want to buy #3 though, but oh well.

#482105 - 12/27/01 10:52 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Sam Edmisten Offline

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Ultimate Spider-man #13
Ministry of Space #1
New X-men #114
X-Force #116
Green Arrow #4
Monarchy #??? (the issue with Henry Bendix)
Wildcats (all year)
Powers Who Killed Retrogirl? tpb
Citzen V mini series

Sam Edmisten
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#482106 - 12/27/01 11:03 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
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CEREBUS [img]/resources/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
Rising Stars
Midnight Nation
Amazing Spider-man
Strangers in Paradise

There ya go!

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#482107 - 12/29/01 12:06 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Vox Sapien Offline

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Wow, cool selections for single issues, Siege! Your Top five especialy what right on the money. Although i might have gotten rid of Ultimate X-men and place Alias 1 on position five.
(i believe the issue numbers you were looking for is Ultimate Spiderman 12 instead of 16, and the part where Magneto reprogram the Sentinels and Wolvie stab Magneto are two different issues, 5 and 6)

But (i`m curious) why no comics from the independant company in your best series? ( not that i single you out or anything)
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#482108 - 12/31/01 02:16 AM Re: Comicon Posters Top Ten Comics 2001
Siege of Quebec Offline

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Shit, i forgot about Starman 80!

Vox, the reason i don`t have any comics in the "independants" on my lists is that i don`t buy any of them. I`ve been getting super-hero comics since before i could read so THAT`S really my passion. If i had a bigger budget, i would probably do some "experimentation" and buy the good, unusual material coming from the other publishers ( than Marvel and DC), but that`s not the case.
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