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#482660 - 12/31/01 11:34 AM Steve Englehart interviewed
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At the Wonder Man: Cooler Than Superman website
Wonder Man: Cooler than Superman

#482661 - 12/31/01 04:14 PM Re: Steve Englehart interviewed
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Originally posted by Simon Williams:
At the Wonder Man: Cooler Than Superman website

Is it really necessary to have a picture on your front page that's almost half a meg? It makes it almost impossible to access the site for those who do not have a high-speed connection. Just seems like you are alienating a lot of potential readers for no apparent reason. I mean, the picture may seem cool to you, but it serves no real purpose.

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I thought Englehart came off as rather honest and diplomatic. He wasn't really happy with all the undoing of the Vision and Scarlet Witch material he built up, but wasn't spouting venom about it.

He also had some interesting thoughts about the viability of a Wanda-Simon relationship. I enjoyed the Hellcat observation too.