I know everyone here has read the letters in the back of comics where people write the editor asking the I questions about why the did this or forgot this. Well, basically this is just one giant LETTER. Many comic books have been in print for 40 yrs or 60 yrs even and the continuity is dragging them down. My Yahoo Group called Comic's Continuity Project here is for people to come and list errors, contradictions, retcons etc.. etc., that are comic book related. Whether it be DC Comics or Marvel, Image People I urge you to come and list storylines and such that haven't been resolved for 20 yrs or so. List retcons or contradictions in their comics they read. Misuse of a hero's powers perhaps. Or in some cases the disappearance of a character's power The Goal is go through and nit pick at the things that bug you so Publishers like Marvel and DC know. If everyone would come buy and contribute we can send off our list to editors and writers of series to help them from making mistakes in the future. Come help us! You have to sign up for Yahoo Groups tho!