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#483465 - 01/10/02 10:28 PM John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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We have been asked by the family of John Buscema to announce the sad news that John passed away today; Thursday,January 10.

Those people living in the New York City area can find information about the funeral services by visting the Official John Buscema Website at...

And anybody who would like to send their condolences to the Buscema family or share their thoughts & feelings about Big John & his artwork can do so by writing to...

We will forward all the e-mails we recieve to John's family at a later date.

On a personal note..I'd just like to tell folks out there who enjoyed John's work but never got the chance to meet him in person..John Buscema was not only a brillant draftsman...he was also a really great guy...and he will be missed dearly by those that knew him & loved his artwork.



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#483466 - 01/10/02 10:42 PM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Ah, crap.

#483467 - 01/11/02 12:02 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Big John will be missed, he was a true Avenger; and a great guy I am so glad I got to meet him at the SDCC, he was affable and funny, a bit "grumpy" but in a true grandfatherly way. When my friend (the Cuban Missle Joe Tages) asked him to do a sketch his response was, "I forgot how to draw!" Classic. God bless John (and his family). HH

#483468 - 01/11/02 12:19 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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There are never any words, are there? Big John's death is shocking and saddening.

A few months ago, someone claimed that Big John was terminally ill. When it turned out that he was actually fine, I breathed a figurative sigh of relief. This hoax, nasty as it was, had given me a rare opportunity to appreciate Big John's life and work while he was still alive; too many great artists don't get the respect they deserve until after they've left us. At that time, though, I thought John would be with us for some time to come.

That's one reason why this news is particularly depressing. Another reason, of course, is that John was simply one of the best there has ever been. Even though he was forced to comply to Kirby's style, John Buscema was one of the best artists in Marvel's bullpen. I never had the honor of meeting him, but I'll miss him.
Aaron Kashtan

#483469 - 01/11/02 12:20 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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John was a first class artist. I greatly enjoyed the John Buscema Sketchbook from Vanguard. He also was a fine western artist, as a perusal of the Roy Rogers reprints from AC Comics will attest. I never met the man, but I appreciated his talent. Best wishes and condolences to the Buscema family.
Allen Smith

#483470 - 01/11/02 12:35 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Seriously? Oh, man. I didn't hear this on any news sites yet....took me by surprise.
My condolences. I don't have much of Buscema's work, but he certainly won't be forgotten.

#483471 - 01/11/02 12:42 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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there are no words, except, thanks for everything, John.

#483472 - 01/11/02 01:50 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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This is hard to take.

For my nickel, he was the greatest of all time.

Nobody could do it all like Big John. From bombastic epics to tender romance, he was a master of every aspect.

John never got the accolades he deserved, and that's a shame. This past decade, the industry has thrown fame and fortune at any rookie who could halfway hold a pencil. John was ten times the artist any of them ever dreamed to be.

He was a hero to me. And I will miss him very much.

#483473 - 01/11/02 07:18 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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This sucks beyond all sucking.

Was there anything finer than a Busema-drawn Silver Surfer? I think not.

My thoughts are with his family...

#483474 - 01/11/02 08:15 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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When I was a kid I picked up comics for the artists. Until my teens I was generally fooled by the guys who imitated Buscema, but as I becamee discerning, I noticed that John had a style all his own. One of my missions at SDCC this year was meeting the man and asking him to sign my copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. I managed to do that, and found him to be every bit the gentleman I hoped he might be. I shook his hand and thanked him for all his work while he signed my book. I loved his Conan issues the most, but his Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four work was also beyond compare.

I remember there was a Marvel Big Puzzle Book or something like that where they'd asked popular Marvel artists to draw the characters they were most associated with blindfolded. John's Conan, standing with a sword in his hand if I remember rightly, was pretty damn good. Most of the other were good, too, but this one stood out as a complete figure.

I have missed seeing Big John Buscema in the credits of comic books on a regular basis. He enriched my life with his drawings, and I'm sure that he enriched the lives of people he knew far more. My condolences to his family and friends.

Damn. What a way to start the day.

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