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#483475 - 01/11/02 08:40 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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--You've Been Warned--

Grim Reaper, I'm calling your punk ass out!
You bitch-maid, motherfucker, sonofabitch, cocksucking, grandmother-raping, ASSHOLE!

You took from us one of the GREATEST illustrators to ever grace the pages of a comic book. And a tremendous influence to me, personally!

I'm telling you now, GR, STOP while your ahead. This saddens me more than any of you could know.

Marc Deering
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Marc Deering
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#483476 - 01/11/02 10:15 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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How come heaven is getting all the good comics?

..My condolences to the Buscema family.
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#483477 - 01/11/02 10:20 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Bad news; he was one of the best and was in good spirits last summer in San Diego. It's a sad day in the comics world--his art will live on.

#483478 - 01/11/02 10:54 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Very truly, one of the best. He influenced so many, that there may be some unaware that they were influenced by his work. As others have stated, and it is most definitely correct, Mr. Buscema's art, along with Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and John RomitaSr., Marvel comics' "look."
From "Avengers" to "Conan, The Barbarian" to "Wolverine" and beyond, John Buscema wasn't only a fine draftsman, he was one of the best action/adventure artists ever in the business. He will be missed more than he probably ever thought.

Matthew Hawes
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#483479 - 01/11/02 11:17 AM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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This is very sad news. This week I've been reading "The Essential Silver Surfer" which reprints the complete series in black and white. I said to myself while reading, "I don't know if there has EVER been an artist more well matched to the subject matter than John Buscema is to the Silver Surfer". Could any other artist have portrayed the majesty and sorrow of Norrin Radd like Buscema did? Flip through these books again and look at each pose and facial expression of the Silver Surfer... none of them are the same, each one possessing a unique view of the character. He continually came up with new ways for the character to express himself through body language. John Buscema was without a doubt one of the greatest artists that have ever touched the comic art form. I tend to think he may have been an underrated one as well. Rest in peace, John... you deserve it.

#483480 - 01/11/02 12:12 PM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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I'm bummed. He was one of my all-time favorites. Right up there with Kirby and Ditko, he was a REASON to read Marvel comics.

No one could show action like he could. That fella could pack more motion in a drawing of two people sitting and talking than most artists could put into an entire fight scene.

Looks like a weekend of old JB comics, George Harrison CDs, and a bottle of booze to toast departed friends.

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#483481 - 01/11/02 01:27 PM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Good bye John. We'll miss you.

#483482 - 01/11/02 01:58 PM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
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Damn, I'm at a loss for words here.

John was a legend in his own lifetime. We knew he wasn't doing well, so this is not unexpected. But, still...

Last week, I spent a couple of nights re-reading John's Vision-era Avengers stuff.
Man, was he good!!!

I was proud to meet him at San Diego last year.

May he rest in peace, and my condolences to his family.

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#483483 - 01/11/02 04:19 PM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
Lew Stringer Offline

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This is very sad news indeed.

I had the privilege of being a guest with John and several others at the Raptus comics festival in Norway in 1999. It was truly an honour to meet him - a childhood hero. We all went out for a meal one night and John and Sergio AragonÚs had us falling about with laughter at their banter.

Although I only met him that one weekend, and can only count him as an aquaintance, not as a friend (I didn't get to know him that well) I found he had a very level-headed attitude to the business. I don't think he was the sort to suffer fools gladly, - and there are a lot of fools in this industry, - but he had a very professional approach.

John's Avengers and Fantastic Fours were among my favourite comics when I was a kid. I had a poster featuring Marvel superheroes that he drew on my wall for years. His powerful artwork ranked alongside Jack Kirby's in my opinion. He was, and always will be, one of the greats.

#483484 - 01/11/02 05:23 PM Re: John Buscema [ 1927-2002]
Dave Knott Offline

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Terrible, terrible news.

Big John was one of the artistic cornerstones of the Marvel Bullpen.
I can't imagine what comics such as Avengers, Thor and Silver Surfer would be like today without his contributions.

The comics industry has lost a giant.

R.I.P. man,

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