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#484488 - 02/01/02 12:16 AM Re: Should I buy a complete set of Planetary?
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Stroh: Ellis did his take on "The Spectre?" Oh, yeah. The Betrayed Ghost in Hong Kong thing.. Hmmm. Interesting interpretation.

#484489 - 02/01/02 04:20 AM Re: Should I buy a complete set of Planetary?
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Ahem, as I was saying, before my son-of-a-bitch computer decided to freeze up and I lost my 3/4 finished post and had to reboot the f*cking thing...

Yes, you should definitely pick up this series if you can get it for anything under $60. Perhaps even more.

I must confess that I initially had trouble staying interested in the series and actually dropped it a couple times, fortunately being able to pick up those back issues at a later time.

I think the problem was a combination of the title's erratic shipping schedule and Ellis' decision to tell his story basically brick by brick. As things went on, I was getting a little bored and not that excited by what I was reading. At some stage however, that all changed.

The big picture came into view. The major players were identified and expanded on. The artwork stayed as beautiful as it always had been. Now the book is an automatic pick-up for me, not that I've had to worry for the last 6 months or so. frown

Trust me. This is a book that needs to be read in its entirety. Monthly issues are okay, but the real payoff is in seeing how it all comes together and you have a ready-made way of doing that.

Of course, you could just get the trades instead... wink
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#484490 - 02/01/02 03:40 PM Re: Should I buy a complete set of Planetary?
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Well, I guess I'm going to go ahead and pick up this set. Less than cover price, and several of you guys seem to think it's a great comic, so why not?

#484491 - 02/01/02 05:00 PM Re: Should I buy a complete set of Planetary?
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Its' a great comic, but (at least in the price guides) overpriced. If you can get it for cover price, go for it. If not, pick up the trades.

#484492 - 02/01/02 08:44 PM Re: Should I buy a complete set of Planetary?
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Follow your heart's desires, little one. Let the currents of your dreams blow the winds of your sails......

Ahh, to be young and carefree. smile

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