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#494132 - 06/14/02 09:10 AM Commissioned Artwork VS Writing?
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I was curious.... what are the price ranges artists charge for personal comissions? What are the price differences between a simple drawing to a 4 page paneled story?? comic writers do commissions for fans? How much could that be? Do writers do that? Like..if I had my own hero ideas & commissioned a known writer to write a story about them...


#494133 - 06/14/02 10:03 AM Re: Commissioned Artwork VS Writing?
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I seem to recall someone (Peter David?) talking once about how unfair it seemed at conventions that the artists could go to the hall and make 20 bucks on the side doing a quick sketch, and proposing that the writers might be able to dash off a paragraph or two about a topic a fan might suggest so that they also could ride that cash train.

But to your point--the last news I heard had artists at, conservatively, around $75 a page (a lot of this is based on the title and the artist, so this figure is only based on my personal experience.) Writers have been known to charge as little as $20.99 for a single issue.
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