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Rick Trembles' MOTION PICTURE PURGATORY comic strip review of FLESH GORDON MEETS THE COSMIC CHEERLEADERS (1989): "Birds & bees gotcha depressed? This Valentine's Day, don't repress, regress!"

Ok, ok, so it ain't quite Valentine's Day yet, but the Montreal Mirror, where the B&W print version of Motion Picture Purgatory gets published every week is on holidays this Thursday, which means so am I. But isn't, so here's a bonus never-before-seen-online Purgatory I dug up out of the archives & colored just for you (originally published Valentine's '99), of one of my favorite sci-fi sex farce abominations. I actually submitted music from my band to this reprehensible turd while it was being made in the late eighties & got rejected! Happy hollow-daze!

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