Comic Book Galaxy ( welcomes in the New Year by welcoming GrayHaven Magazine into the ranks of its satellite sites.

For years, readers have turned to GrayHaven for reviews and opinions about the artform and industry of comics, and now Grayhaven is merging with Comic Book Galaxy to enhance the offerings of both sites and provide new, exciting features for readers.

GrayHaven founder and editor Andrew Goletz says the previous incarnation of his site "became a managerial nightmare -- to not only bring in new writers and edit their work but to then promote and focus on all of the material equally."

On the subject of merging with Comic Book Galaxy, Goletz noted that "two of the more opinionated publishers on the net are coming together turning friendship and respect into partnership and teamwork to do what we must to make this industry all it can be, for better or for worse."

Comic Book Galaxy editor-in-chief Alan David Doane, who spent most of December working behind the scenes on the newest incarnation of GrayHaven, says "I have nothing but respect for Andrew's goals, his enthusiasm and his ethics. In addition to the outstanding GrayHaven review team, which will be providing weekly reviews of comics of all kinds, Andrew brings with him a sense of decency and a desire to promote the best that the artform has to offer. I'm really delighted to be working with him again." Doane launched Comic Book Galaxy, which welcomes thousands of unique visitors every week, in September of 2000 and has written about comics online for nearly five years now. In addition to Doane's reviews, columns and daily weblog, The Galaxy hosts a number of satellite sites, including ones written by comics creators Jason (Jay's Days) Marcy and Rob (The Castaways) Vollmar.

Goletz, along with former Marvel editor Glenn Greenberg, is perhaps best known for the year-long look at Marvel's disastrous Clone Saga called "The Life of Reilly." Doane says Goletz and Greenberg have something up their sleeves that will delight readers who enjoyed that retrospective piece, and perhaps "infuriate some industry higher-ups who'd rather sweep a lot of their history under the rug. Sorry, boys."

The new GrayHaven Magazine at Comic Book Galaxy will include weekly reviews, opinion columns, and a daily weblog from Andrew Goletz covering a wide range of topics with his unique point of view. In addition, readers will be able to take advantage of some of the best discounts available at the GrayHaven Online Store (

GrayHaven Magazine at Comic Book Galaxy ( goes live on Wednesday, January 1st, 2003.
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