I am here to announce that Potlatch 2 is available through Diamond Previews, and eventually through Cold Cuts, DimeStoreProductions, SquidWorks, Shenton Sales, Anthracite, Bries/Breeze, Walter Agency Pte Ltd, Marginal Distribution, and Red Route Distribution Ltd,

Potlatch 2 is a benefit book to aid ORCA (Organized Readers of Comics Associated). ORCA promotes the reading of comic books to outside industry avenues such as libraries and schools. Each year they give away thousands of books, to inspire readership and support of our hobby and the business of comic books. The 18 different creators featured in this publication donated their time, effort, and stories towards helping this cause. The ten assorted tales compiled in this collection run the gamut on genres - so there is something for everyone.

Contributors on this Potlatch Project are: Lonnie Allen, Sal Cipriano, Jen Contino, Marc Deering, Marco Dileonardo,, Kenneth V. Heidrrich, Chris Jaworski, Dennis Kinninger, Ron Lebraseur, Barrett Lombardo, Andy MacDonald, Russ McIntosh, Juan Navarro, Steven Noppenberger, Rick Onley, Christian Rogue, Chris Staggs and Greg Vondruska

Intended Audience: All Ages
Format Four-color cover, black and white interior, and comic book size: 64 pages.
Retail price $5.95

Potlatch: Comics to benefit ORCA are listed on page 233 in the December issue of Previews
Order Info
DEC02 2444 POTLATCH #2 $5.95

At this time of the Press Release, there will be two cover versions. One by Noppie, the second by Marc Deering (Inker) and Chris Staggs (Artist) (and unknown colorist, check with Marc Deering as to whom this individual may be)

The actual product should arrive in stores on or near April, and debut at the Pittsburgh Con. Potlatch previous book has produced a benefit for the CBLDF ( There are still copies available at CBLDF web page http://www.cbldf.org/ . Please support the CBLDF.). Future Potlatch Projects will benefit organizations and or individuals related in some matter to the comic book industry, by sharing the gift of illustrated stories/comics.

If you wish to be part of the next Potlatch project, or know of an organization within or related to the comic book industry that would like a benefit book, contact at s.noppenberger@verizon.net

Thank you.


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