Hello, comic fans.

I'd like to invite you to join a new mailing list some friends and I are starting up. It's called the Comic Book News Wire and we're hoping to build it into the best direct e-mail source for comic book industry news, official press releases and special announcements.

You're probably wondering what the difference is between this and other comic news mailing lists. The first thing is "no junk mail", meaning everything that is sent out to the list is actual comic book news (no advertising, no blogs, no unwanted discussion, etc. as there are other online places for this).

The list is also moderated to make sure that every link sent out actually works, that attachments are attached and no one is sending out anything that's not good to go, so there's no need for reposting or sending out notices of errata later.

We're also hoping to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible by inviting everyone from the big mainstream publishers to the indy self-publisher to retailers to journalists et al to share their news with the list.

We won't be sending out any messages for a few days yet, and still have to work out some kinks, but you can sign up right away by following this link:


Thank you for your attention.