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#519553 - 08/02/03 12:43 PM "Gigli": Why bother?
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I like Ben Affleck, but I knew this union with Jennifer Lopez was going to drag him down. What's worse is "Jersey Girl" coming out Feb 2004.

Kevin Smith's smoking a big reefer probably by now. He deserves to. He's 33 (Aug 2, 1970). laugh

#519554 - 08/02/03 01:07 PM Re: "Gigli": Why bother?
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Smith was on Leno last night with his tape of him at the SDCC. Interesting.

Re: Jersey Girl. The only recap I've heard of it said the story approximated "About A Boy" and that J-Lo's role was minimized. Probably a good thing.

Affleck is okay in my book, but Ms. Lopez' name on the marquee never fails to send shivers down my spine.

#519555 - 08/02/03 04:25 PM Re: "Gigli": Why bother?
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The media regularly fellates every new film that Hollywood puts out, but they save up their bile for one film in particular every year or so. Looks like Gigli is this year's Waterworld.

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Nobody seems to be mentioning Terminator 3 anymore. What happened to all the hype? I noticed it dropped off massively after the opening week.
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Has anyone read Jess Lemon's review of Gigli?