It's become a tradition at Comicraft's to reward customers at the end of each year (or at the beginning of each new one, if you like) with a one day opportunity to purchase fonts at low low LOW prices. sale price this year -- just $20.04 per font family -- is a penny more than it was last year and is NEVER-TO-BE-REPEATED, so be sure to place your order between midnight December 31st and midnight January 1st to avoid next year's inevitable penny price hike! Note that Active Images now accepts PayPal.

Comicraft and ACTIVE IMAGES' released more fonts than there were months in 2003. New fonts to look for at bargain prices in this year's sale include HEDGEBACKWARDS & AZTECH, the fonts from early issues of Marvel Comics GENERATION X; HUSHHUSH & MATINEEIDOL, fonts made popular by their appearance in the Jim Lee/JephLoeb issues of DC's BATMAN; DESIGNER GENES from the title pages of Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN (as well as our own HIP FLASK book); SANCTUMSANCTORUM & GRANDGUIGNOL from DOCTOR STRANGE and CRIMSON; the Alien font GOBBLEDYGOOK from ASTRO CITY; DEARDIARY from PUNISHER/BATMAN and SPIDER-MAN; WALLSCRAWLER from DAREDEVIL and, last but not least, Mike Wieringo from the pages of Mike's own title, TELLOS!

Comic Book Lettering, The Comicraft Way is still available @ or your local comic book store.
Richard Starkings