Sad news.
Got this message forwarded from Garry Leach that the great Don Lawrence has died. He was one of England's greatest comic book artist. He was one of the main Marvelman artist in the fifties and illustrated classics like The Rise and Fall of the Trigun Empire, Thunderbirds, Olac the Gladiator, and so much more. He will be missed.
George Khoury

Dear everyone...
I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but it is with deep regret that I
have to report that Don Lawrence, artist of The Trigan Empire passed away
yesterday from Pneumonia. He was Seventy-five. I'm sure you are all aware of
great artwork.
I was priviliged to call Don my friend and mentor; he was generous enough to
offer me a whole year's personal tuition in the art of illustrating
a time I'll treasure forever. I'll miss him terribly.
Chris Weston