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Shopping At COMICON.com

Welcome to COMICON.com, the coolest place alive to find Original Comic Book Art, graphic novels and all things comics! Browsing through the booths and seeing what hard-to-find one-of-a-kind items you can stumble on at COMICON.com is half the fun, but once you locate your treasures you might need assistance in making a purchase. All booths at COMICON.com come with a link to a detailed description on how to buy items from that particular booth, but here are a few guidelines worth keeping in mind.

The first is this IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER. The organizers of COMICON.com assume no responsibility for any transaction from any booth at the con (except their own). Just like a real world convention, COMICON.com provides booth space to exhibitors and (we repeat) takes no responsibility for any sales, purchases, barters, swaps or any other form of business done with the exhibitors. If you are purchasing an item at the show you are buying it directly from the person running the booth, and not from COMICON.com.

Finding Stuff

If you know how a basic web page works, or if you've ever been to a comic book convention, you should feel right at home at COMICON.com. Go into the MAIN HALL and click on the booth of a favorite artist or publisher and you'll be whisked right to their web site.

Contacting Artists, Dealers And Publishers

One of the features that makes COMICON.com special is that you can contact many of the artists personally via e-mail. It's as simple as typing out a note and clicking the 'send' button. Within a short time (maybe an hour, maybe a day or two) you'll be rewarded with a personal reply to your inquiry. All artists are different, of course. Some will be open to answering lots of questions and involving themselves in deep discussion, while others will be strictly business. Please remember that comic book artists are usually very busy people, juggling a very demanding schedule of deadlines, and it is not good manners to bug them unneccesarily. To do so runs the risk of them refusing to answer your posts. Good manners, patience and civility will gain you their respect.

Original Comic Book Art

See BUYING AND COLLECTING ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK ART for more information on what to expect.

Since all Original Comic Book Art will probobly be purchased via standard mail order, just ask the artist or dealer where to send the check, money order or online payment. You'll find that information posted on the booth as well. Be sure to request that your order is shipped to you insured.

Books And Comics

If you are interested in purchasing books and comics from a booth, almost all products can be mail ordered in the same manner as Original Comic Art (see above). Since most comics are inexpensive items, some booths might have a minimum purchase in effect. Graphic novels and comic books mail ordered directly from the artist can usually be autographed.

If you are not concerned with getting your books signed and wish to order them immediately by credit card, many booths provide links to sites like Amazon.com or MileHighComics.com who offer the titles via secure shopping cart servers.

If You Have A Problem

If, for some reason, you do have a problem with a mail order purchase through one of the booths, it's probably just a shipping or communications snafu. Give it time, and a few e-mails, to solve itself.

If, after that, you feel you have been subjected to a scam or rip-off, e-mail the webmaster at comicon@comicon.com and we will attempt to figure out what went wrong from our end. Exhibitors who are subject to multiple complaints will be shut down by the con.

If you made your purchase by linking from a booth to a third party like Amazon.com, MileHighComics.com or Graphicnovels.com, then any problems you encounter need to be taken up with that third party.

Happy hunting!
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