Has Heroes lost two of its greatest powers? Multiple sources are reporting both Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander are leaving the series. Both serve as writer/co-executive producer on the drama that illustrates what happens when "ordinary people" find themselves wielding extraordinary powers.

Variety said the duo were "axed." Some sources are citing this season's episodes going over budget as one of the causes for the pair leaving the show. Some other sources are citing a slip in the ratings, which are down from close to twelve million viewers per episode to a little over nine million as one of the causes for the dismissal.

Whatever the reason for Loeb and Alexander leaving the Heroes universe in the middle of its third season, it could spell disaster for the television series. Loeb and Alexander are well-versed in comic book legend and lore. In fact, Loeb was instrumental to the authentic creation of Heroes.

In an interview with THE PULSE, creator Tim Kring told us, "It's funny because so many things happen when you start to enter this world -- there are so many archetypes that you run smack into things that have been done before. When I first came up with this idea, one of the things I did was pitch the whole thing to Jeph [Loeb] to sort of help me steer away from things that had been done before in the comic book world, because I didn't know about a lot of it. He would look at the ideas and say, 'yeah this was done by this guy and that was done by this character.' When he was done, I felt like, 'you've got to be kidding me! All these people have already done my ideas!?' I found I was reinventing the wheel over and over again."

So far there has been no comment from NBC or Universal on this news. PULSE readers can learn a few more details at Variety.