This past weekend, Tony Trovarello and I rolled out to New York City Comic Con to do the promotion thing for The Black Cherry Bombshells. Sacha Borisich, our artist, and John Raygun, our colorist, came along for the ride. As always the con was rewarding and intense.

On Friday we arrived early to say all of our hellos. Lots of Zuda creators were hanging around the DC booth. It was the first time I was meeting a few of these guys. San Diego was months ago now and our little web comic imprint is growing so fast. The class of '09 looks top notch and I can't wait to see what they put out.

Zuda was sharing space with Vertigo, so I got to be a fanboy for a bit and bother Joshua Dysart. He writes Unknown Solider, and it's one of my favorite titles coming out right now. Meeting artists I really respect is probably the best part of all this con stuff. Everyone is so helpful and full of great advice. I just stand around and take notes sometimes.

Our signing on Friday was pretty chill. Tony had some new pink pins made to promote the comic and people seemed to dig them. A few girls came back and grabbed them handful at a time. We only did an hour because we had the Zuda Panel at 3:30.

The panel was super cool. Sheldon Vella, SuperTRON creator and Australian comic book ambassador, Video-Skyped in and even answered a few questions over the big screen projector. There's something appropriate about a web-comic panel exploiting the internet like that. Shelly played it for all it was worth; while other creators were addressing attendees he was drawing killer cartoons and holding them up to his web cam for the audience to see.

Immediately after the con we rushed to The Empire State Building for the DC con party. I got to choke back some sweet wine on Uncle Batman's tab. The buffet was pretty fancy too. Tony and I promised ourselves we were going to hit the hay at a decent hour, because we had the 11 AM signing time on Saturday. It was such a good night we ended up sticking around till they turned the lights on and gave us the boot. After that Rags Morales gave everyone a ride back to their hotels in his fancy limo.

There turned out to be a mix up on Saturday and we weren't signing till 4. Hung over and sore, we grabbed some lunch and cruised the convention floor. This year was way more busy than last year but we did manage to do a little shopping and take photos with all of our favorite characters from the internet. I spent way too much time watching the Ghostbuster's Video Game Demo, meet Kevin Eastman at the Ninja Turtles booth and gorged myself on con hot dogs.

We signed for three hours and closed out the show on Saturday. Then we hopped around to a few bars and got our drink on with all the cool people we'd met through out the day. After that we met up with the Zuda clique. With an afternoon signing and just a few interviews for Sunday we were free to hang out late.

Sunday went by too fast and we were on a bus coming home before I knew it. I say this every time; I just wish the con was two days longer. It feels like I always need just a lil' bit more time to take advantage of all the insanity.

If we met at the con look me up on MySpace of Facebook. I'm all about staying in touch. See you at Wizard World Philly.