The Suicide Squad is the latest DC property that is headed to the Big Screen. Supermax, the non-costumed Green Arrow in prison scripter Justin Marks is attached to the project. According to early reports it's going to be modeled after the group of villains who were given a shot at redemption by becoming a part of the Suicide Squad and going on impossible missions. No villains have been confirmed as being a part of the project yet, but a safe bet would be on Deadshot being a part of the cast. Also attached to the project are producers Dan Lin and Stephen Gilchrist.

The Suicide Squad was created by Bob Kanigher and Ross Andru. The group originally appeared in six back-up stories in The Brave and The Bold series. The group was composed of Rick Flag, Karin Grace, Dr. Evans and Jess Bright. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths during the Legends saga, the Suicide Squad returned to the DCU, but it was quite a different beast. This time the group was filled with villains, each having his or her own reason for undertaking the mission -- all hoping to gain freedom over the deadly alternative. It was John Ostrander who created the second incarnation of this group after the Crisis and made the villains the focus.

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Which of the many members of this group would you like to see involved in a film? Who would you like to see cast as Amanda Waller? Do you hope she's included?