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#584361 - 03/20/11 10:31 PM Terry LaBan's Muktuk Wolfsbreath
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Indy comics pioneer Terry LaBan has returned, with a new webcomic, featuring the new adventures of his old character Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman:

He also has a blog where he talks about the creation of the new strip, which apparently grew out of his graduate school studies:

Interesting stuff, including this quote:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Right Reversion
I'm happy to report that I've signed and sent the official Rights Reversion Agreement for Muktuk Wolfsbreath from DC. That means that, when they send me back the copy they've signed, all the rights I gave up to DC when I did the miniseries with them back in 1997 revert to me and Muktuk Wolfsbreath is my baby again. I was a little nervous about how this whole process would go, but I have to say, despite all the horror stories you've heard about people trying to claw back rights and royalties from DC--Siegel and Schuster shivering in garrets while Superman sold millions, etc.--DC gave me absolutely no trouble and in fact did the whole thing within a month. It is heartening to be treated with decency by the corporate colossus that is DC/Times Warner, though it must be said, they might not have been as happy to let me go if I'd actually made them any money. There's a lesson here, folks--if you want to easily extricate yourselves from agreements with big and powerful companies, make sure everything you do with them is a bust.

I wish LaBan much success with this latest version of his character, because it's a great comic! Fun stuff!

And apparently, LaBan and his wife have been doing a daily newspaper comic for the last decade, and it's not half bad either!

#588859 - 08/01/11 08:55 PM Re: Terry LaBan's Muktuk Wolfsbreath [Re: Peter Urkowitz]
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