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#600708 - 09/01/12 01:05 AM james lipton opines on clint eastwood @ RNC
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God I love James Lipton.

I'm never 100% sure how in on his own joke he is, but he makes an amazing panelist.


#600805 - 09/06/12 06:02 PM Re: james lipton opines on clint eastwood @ RNC [Re: madget]
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Pretty interesting.

I didn't find Eastwood's little speech disgusting, but I definitely thought it was crass at obvious parts, and ironic in others considering the criticisms he gave of Obama on Afghanistan, and bringing the troops home.

It was especially strange, to me, that he would criticize someone who studied law (Romney studied law as well) for looking at both sides of the issue and then saying we need a business man in office considering part of the problem of the economy was because of businessmen and politicians lobbying for lifting regulations.
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#600806 - 09/06/12 06:10 PM Re: james lipton opines on clint eastwood @ RNC [Re: Gerald]
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Eastwood was only trying to do two things: counter the criticism that his Superbowl Chrysler commercials were an endorsement for President Obama's bailout of the auto industry; and get some free advertising for his new movie, where he plays that same character.
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#600890 - 09/17/12 02:49 AM Re: james lipton opines on clint eastwood @ RNC [Re: Allen Montgomery]
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Clint Eastwood is a actor what did you expect that is exactly what I expected from the young guy.