Writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton, the creative team on the scifi, alien invasion adventure "G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures" and the steampunk mystery/adventure "The Continentals", bring you a furry fairy tale fantasy adventure with a whimsical story, Dr. Seuss like rhyming style, and great artwork called "CHEVALIER: The Queen's Mouseketeer". Here's the plot:

In the magical realm of The Hither and Yon the noble kingdoms of The Land Ever After and The Far, Far Away are on the verge of war. A sinister plot is in play. The young Princess Faere of the land of The Shire, betrothed to Prince Charming of the Land Ever After, has been mysteriously kidnapped. And all the evidence of the foul deed points to The Far, Far Away.

With his kingdom on the verge of war with Ever After, Chevalier the mouse (a blacksmith who fancies himself a dashing "mouseketeer") volunteers his services to the High Queen of the Far, Far Away to find the missing Princess and bring her back in time to stop the war. So Chevalier and his young nephew/squire Tom-Tom go off on a quest to save the fair Princess Faere, stop the looming war between two kingdoms--And fulfill his destiny.

"CHEVALIER: The Queen's Mouseketeer" by writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton. It's a fabled fairy tale of enor-mouse proportions.

Chevalier: The Queen's Mouseketeer

Darryl Hughes, Chevalier writer/creator

G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures. It's like ET--With teeth!