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#601354 - 10/30/12 05:50 PM Sandy
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It's a bit nippy over here and a bit damp. Wind is getting up a wee bit as well so I've had to put a couple of my kettle-bells by the garage door at the back to stop it blowing open.

Are any of you lot suffering because of Sandy?

#601355 - 10/30/12 06:59 PM Re: Sandy [Re: shjonescrk]
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They were blaming the hail here in Michigan on Sandy. No bad damage locally, though there were some power outages.
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#601357 - 10/31/12 10:23 AM Re: Sandy [Re: Ted Kilvington]
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Comicon alum Shoegaze99 lives in coastal New Jersey right around where Sandy came ashore. His town got smacked very hard, but the last I heard, his own home remained above water and intact. It's likely he won't have electricity for a few days, though.

#601360 - 10/31/12 09:53 PM Re: Sandy [Re: Lawson]
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Thanks for that update, Lawson. Best wishes to Shoegaze!

Here in Salem MA we had some power outages and trees down, but nothing major. Halloween festivities are going on as usual.

My family in NYC have had to move in w/friends and relatives while they wait for the power to be turned on, but all are well.

Incredible to see what the storm did to the city, though. Nothing really compares to this in the history of the city. (Well, nothing weather-related, since 9/11 was more fatal.) Having to pump out flooded subway tunnels? Whole neighborhoods on fire? It's a wonder that human casualties have been so low. Hopefully they can get everything working again soon.