Revolver is a quarterly comics anthology showcasing the comics of Salgood Sam - That's Me!.

Revolver one is a 52 page full color trade paperback, seven short stories & assorted words & pictures, exploring diverse themes of mortality, belonging, and identity. Though some are parts of longer works all can be read and enjoyed as stand alone tales. You can see a full preview of the comics here, along with a YouTube flip through clip.

Available now from Amazon, CreateSpace ( i get the best royalty from this link by the way ), directly through me, and soon in finer participating bookstores and specialty shops [interested retailers should write me about wholesale orders]. Suggested US cover price is $15.

Digital!: When you order the book from me, you get a digital copy free. Or you can purchase a digital only edition directly from my site, high quality PDF & CBR, DRM free. Just $2 for the next two months (regular price for book one is $2.50)

But lots of people want books! I know, me too. So along with the launch sale price on the digital edition, you can order a print edition for $15, CND, flat rate, from me via my site here. Until Dec 1st & iíll pay the shipping!

Digital Subscriptions will be forthcoming, and print ones available in time as well, once i've delivered on more than one issue.

FYI The next two issues are all pretty much done. I've posted a preview of the cover for Revolver Two here.

They collect short stories spanning the last 6 or so years along with some new material. Hereís the current publishing schedule.

One - already out official Launch at Expozine their 10th anniversary show btw.

Two - Late December. collects short stories published in Popgun and elsewhere.

Three - May, TCAF, alongside Dream Life book one. Collects shorts published in Comic Book Tattoo and elsewhere.

Two and Three are done save for some of the packaging.

Four - Early July. First installment of Dream Life book 2, and Dracula:
Son of the Dragon with Mark Sable.

Five and Six donít have release months slated yet, donít want to get too ahead of myself. Will include more of Dream Life and Dracula, and the return (first appears in One) of Bliss (Pin City). And possibly The Rise
and fall of it all (first appears in One).

I hope you're intrigued enough to at least check out the digital edition. In the US print orders usually arrive 4 or 5 days after i get the orders.

And if your even a fraction as excited about this book as I am, please help spread the word by sharing the links with your social networks. You can follow me and Revolver on the following sites

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