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#602324 - 09/06/13 10:03 PM Namor's name…?
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Has any explanation ever been given for Namor being called the Sub-Mariner?

Is that an Atlantean title? Unlikely, since it sounds English.
I have a vague memory of him claiming it was a stupid title the surface-dwellers gave him. I may be confusing him with Aquaman though.

On a side note...I just dug out Marvel Treasury Edition Giant Superhero Team-Up for my 5 yr old son. It's always nice to be reminded how great John Buscema was. He did The Thing vs Namor & Spider-Man vs The Silver Surfer.

It was also nice to be reminded that Roy Thomas could be a good(great) writer.

Kirby was his usual awful self doing The Hulk vs Thor. I just don't get why so many people love him.

#602337 - 09/17/13 10:53 PM Re: Namor's name…? [Re: Mr Kerchak]
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Quickly, Kirby invented the vocabulary that Buscema used of action in every panel, characters posed in the peak of action, panel moving cinematically into the next panel, varying shots for maximum drama. He also developed whole catagories of comics including kid gangs, romance and superhero. He co-created most of the superheroes now being made into movies. Buscema might have been the most facile artist in the history of comics but beyond that most of what he did was done standing on Kirby's shoulders.
Jeez, granfalloon, that longer post above might be one of the most thoughtful, best written things I've ever read on Comicon.

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Mark Evanier wrote a piece on his blog a number of years ago about some editor making the point that Kirby's popularity derived from children liking ugly art. I remember liking Kirby's stuff when I was a little kid, and then really disliking it starting some time in my teens. I've since come around to appreciating Kirby's contributions to the art form, but I also think that editor's theory had at least some validity.
"The trouble with being a ghost writer or artist is that you must remain anonymous without credit.
If one wants the credit, one has to cease being a ghost and become a leader or innovator."
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#602340 - 09/18/13 02:34 PM Re: Namor's name…? [Re: Mr Kerchak]
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Originally Posted By: Mr Kerchak
Has any explanation ever been given for Namor being called the Sub-Mariner?

Well, submarines go underwater and those who serve on board are called submariners so it's not a stretch to say that since Namor lives under water, he would be a submariner (add a hyphen and it all makes sense).

I always had a soft spot for the Gerber/Heck Sub-Mariner.


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