The Webcomic Factory Launches Lester Crenshaw is Dead

Laurel Springs, NJ: The Webcomic Factory announces the launch of the vampire/comedy webcomic, Lester Crenshaw is Dead, written by Bongo Comics writer, Tony DiGerolamo and illustrated by artist, Yi Weng.

"I loved doing the Gun Culture webcomic with Yi, but with all his great comedic expressions I also wanted to do something with bigger laughs," says DiGerolamo. "Lester Crenshaw is Dead is about an accidental vampire. He's completely the opposite of what most people imagine vampires are like personality-wise."

The story centers around Lester, who gets turned into a vampire after going on an online date. His sister, Dawn, is the first to discover his secret.

"Yi blasted out the first five pages and I was laughing aloud at them. I love the fact that unlike most vampires, Lester is bad at keeping his secret," says DiGerolamo.

The first page of Lester starts on Saturday, December 12, 2013 and will be updated weekly on the Webcomic Factory site along with all the other projects. DiGerolamo has plans to relaunch two of his webcomics with new artists and will be launching two other new concepts on top of Lester in the coming months.

The first page of Lester Crenshaw is Dead can be accessed here:

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