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#87619 - 08/21/02 06:03 AM I maybe insane.. but I myself am redrwewing DKR..
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Tell me if this is a good concept for personal use (of course) and personal amusement
1. I adapt Jim Lee's style
2. Keep the first two issues with the yellow oval and the last two without
3. Replace the tank-like batmobile with the batwing
4. I INCORPORATE some "in-continuity" as of today references in the story

for example

*When alfred comments about Carrie Kelly, and bats said " I will never forget Jason, he was a good soldier.. he honored me.. but the war goes on" I add flashbacks in his head that shows Jason Todd being beaten by the Joker with a pipe.. like in "A death in the family"

*When Selina Kyle was raped by the Joker, dressed in a wonder woman costume, and batman arrives at the scene, he commented "How much more til I finally do it" (until he finally kills the Joker) we see a recap of Barbarra gordon being crippled and shot in the spine by The Joker as in "The Killing Joke"

*Finally During Bat's first fight with the Mutant Leader (where he gets beaten badly) as he is hallucinating..
Images flash to him reminding him of days BANE broke his back As in "Knightfall"

of course I would want to add.. tim drake references.. make Carrie the Fourth robin, Alfred commenting on how easily Bruce accepted her as opposed to how uneasy he accepted Tim ("A Lonely Place of Dying"), and streamline Carrie's Robin outfit later to match the current robin outfit (of course at first when she goes out on her own, she waers the old robin outfit).

The only thing I wouldn't leave untouched is Commisioner Gordon still being commisioner and not retired.

I would say the perfect DKR in continuity references would be up to 1993.

anyway as I said this is for personal use.. like a fanfic.. only with illustrations
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#87620 - 08/21/02 11:40 PM Re: I maybe insane.. but I myself am redrwewing DKR..
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That sounds pretty strange, but what the heck, I'd like to see it.


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