Paul Dale Roberts of Jazma Online reviewed my comic and said, "

...I put Autumn Moon in the same category as the movie "The Howling", "Ginger Snaps" and "An American Werewolf in London", this is the best werewolf story that I have seen in a long, long time!"

But after only eleven days, the feature I had written about my independent comic book, Autumn Moon, has been taken down from the Pulse website, while the other articles that were posted around the same time, remain.

I guess considering that The Pulse mainly serves the big comic book makers, I should be glad that I was up there that long.

I wasn't sure that my feature (which I was asked to write myself, instead of being interviewed OR having my comic reviewed) was ever going to get posted.

It had been three months since I contacted Jen Contino about the release of my second issue of Autumn Moon and asked if I could send her a copy for review. She told me to write the review myself and email her images that she could post...but made no mention of even wanting to see a copy of my fact, when I asked her for her mailing address, her response was, "For what?"...

"Ummm, so I can get you a copy of my comic and a CD with images you can post". At first I chocked it up to the that fact that she'd probably forgotten the problem we had last time trying to email images when she reviewed the first issue of Autumn Moon back in October 2003...problems which eventually resulted in me sending her a CD.

So, this past December I sent her a signed copy of Autumn Moon #2, a CD with images from the first seven pages and the piece I'd written about the journey I had making Autumn Moon.

Do you know that I never got so much as a "thank you" or a "got your comic and image CD" email from Jen.

After nearly three months of not hearing from her or seeing my article posted, I emailed to see if she'd indeed gotten the stuff I sent and she said yes, that she was "waiting for copy". This told me that she either hadn't even bothered to insert the CD and see what was on there, or worse, she "didn't see" the document file with the copy but also didn't think it important enough to write me and ask, "where's the copy for the story?". I got silence.

I emailed her the copy and she told me that it would be up, "next week"...nearly three weeks later, no Autumn Moon story.

Again, I emailed her, sarcastically wondering if I had, "missed the post"? Jen wrote to say that she'd had a death in the family, which apparently didn't prevent her from posting any of the other articles from other publishers that week or the week before. I guess grandma's death only prevented her from posting my article.

My article eventually went up, at the end of that week, the beginning of March...for a whopping eleven days...but the six, COUNT 'EM...SIX, "Phantom" posts that came after me remain, as do all the articles that were posted long before me.

Thanks for the eleven whole days of publicity, Jen. I've got to keep in mind that the comic industry did the same thing to Bill Gaines and "Tales From The Crypt". No publicity (or virtually none), equals no sales.

Let this be a warning of what you can expect, fellow artists and writers, if you want to go into publishing comic books on your own.

My fans write me and ask, "Keith, why aren't you going to publish any more comics....?"

I'm not into S & M, that's why!

The comic industry is going to would be dead right now if it weren't standing on legs made of debt!