No, Keith, your article has NOT been taken down from the website. It's still there .

It's not on the first page of topics under discussion. Why not? Because items are listed in the order of how recently people discussed them. So far, no one has been inspired to respond to your article.

As a system, it's a pretty good one - people can easily find the ongoing discussions, and articles that don't generate much response (which is a loose indicator of interest in the article) slide down the list.

It may pain you that other folks aren't doing enough free marketing on your behalf.
If you want longer visible placement in the future, I suggest you try paid advertising.

(I'm also not clear on how long you think your piece is supposed to be "news" here. I don't know the reader churn here, but I have to reckon that in eleven days, most of the folks who visit here with any reasonable regularity have already had the chance to see your article listed on that first page.)