Jen has been nothing but respectful and prompt when I've had press releases to send her regarding my book. I'm puzzled as to why you had such a difficult time of it. But Nat is correct about the way the message boards work. If no one responds to your post, it slips down the list till it's off the page. That sometimes even happens to press releases from the Big Two. So don't take it personally.

Also, while I can understand your frustration, that comment about the death in Jen's family was pretty rude. You really should apologize to her.

But hang in there and don't give up on self-publishing. Persistence is the name of the game.
Noggle Stones

"In the tradition of Tolkien and Rowling, Wil carves out his own territory in the fantasy genre with Noggle Stones." ~ Ernie Colon

"It's great fun!" ~ Barry Cunningham, The Chicken House