Now, where are you getting the idea that I don't care that her grandma died?

Talk about taking things out of context!

First off, I did this book as therapy after my mother don't sit there and tell me I dont know or care what death feels like, man, cuz I do. That's what my book is about in the first place.

That's not my all!

Did you hear it if you missed it...She had the stuff for three months...three months...and didn't bother to tell me she had it...didn't bother to look at it...didn't bother to tell me that she was "waiting" for copy that I included on the CD. Get it?

Gran died three months after I sent my stuff in...My book came out in November...this is March...I could be half way to another book by now.

Get off of me, man! You can't tell me that indy publishers don't take a back seat to the Big Boys here and everywhere else in comicdom.

I did this book for fun...I never anticipated that there would be so much unfun stuff associated with something I used to consider fun...namely comics.

I could now write a book about the BS that IS the comic industry. My advise to anyone who wants to do their own comicis is, Don't! Go do something else. This was a fun project until I tried to get it out in the public and encountered the gatekeepers.

I bet there are a lot of other creators who've gone through the exact same thing trying to get their little book in front of people...people who know exactly what I'm saying and had similar things happen. Face it, we are at the mercy of the Big Boys...they control the system. But we don't have to bend over and spread our cheeks for them, either.

If you want to sit there and attack me for telling this story, fine. It shows the level of maturity I'm dealing with here...and that people can't read a post without spinning everything I wrote so that now I'm the dick. LOL. Whatever. If you want to doubt me, fine. I really don't care. I'm relaying what happened, and you can turn it around anyway you want it.

PS...The taste is not sour. I chose to publish my own book so that some editor didn't turn it into mush to please the masses. As far as my book/work goes, I'm satisfied. I relayed a story...the end. FYI, I sent Jen my condolences about her grandma before she posted my piece...I didn't get an acknowledgement from her for that either.