Yeah, Ken, he's a bright guy, but who cares, you know? He's bent on taking down all the big dogs in the small pack, but what he wants to replace them with is Johny Ryan and Fort Thunder or Paperrad. I can't imagine a more comic book artist than Ware. It's impossible to translate what he does to any other medium, yet, Noah calls him literary? Ware was the first comics artist I recall being very vocal about the dilution of the comics form through the aping of other media. Noah seems more interested in phony rebellion than art which attempts to say something. Reminds me of the backlash against Bergman and Antonioni, where not trying for much was championed over trying and sometimes failing. Maybe his scorched earth tactics wouldn't bother me as much if what he liked wasn't a bunch of snarky horseshit. I can appreciate someone arguing Masumura or Suzuki is the greater artist to Kurosawa or Ozu.
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