Gene, correct me if I'm wrong, but you (and Bertlatsky) are using 'Literary' in a fairly, umm, non-literal way. Bertlatsky says alt comics are "...becoming literary fiction" to avoid being associated with super-heroes. For him, I think, literary is supposed to refer to narrative fiction that is "Serious Art": autobios, memoirs and whatever else he imagines is too intellectual and concerned with respectability. But: "...the current obssessions [sic] of art comics basically, memoir and literary fiction (to the extent that the two are separable.)" As Hodler says - Huh??

From Wikipedia on Vice:
"The magazine's readership comprises young postcollegiate bohemians, often labelled "hipsters." Known for its controversial content, it often strikes a sardonic and ironic pose..."
Eww. Apparently they publish an edition here, so I might track down a copy to see if it's as bad as it sounds.