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Gene, correct me if I'm wrong, but you (and Bertlatsky) are using 'Literary' in a fairly, umm, non-literal way. Bertlatsky says alt comics are "...becoming literary fiction" to avoid being associated with super-heroes. For him, I think, literary is supposed to refer to narrative fiction that is "Serious Art": autobios, memoirs and whatever else he imagines is too intellectual and concerned with respectability. But: "...the current obssessions [sic] of art comics basically, memoir and literary fiction (to the extent that the two are separable.)" As Hodler says - Huh??

From Wikipedia on Vice:
"The magazine's readership comprises young postcollegiate bohemians, often labelled "hipsters." Known for its controversial content, it often strikes a sardonic and ironic pose..."
Eww. Apparently they publish an edition here, so I might track down a copy to see if it's as bad as it sounds.
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I believe "psuedo-literary fiction" would also be preferable and clearer than just "literary fiction." I would think everyone agrees that there are inferior practitioners of literary fiction, and that there are people who ape "respectable" style and content because they hope to get ahead in their field of endeavor, even if they've nothing much to say.

The question here is whether or not B. proves his case with respect to the authors he goes after.