'Pewfell Volume 1: Spirekassle Stores' is now shipping. It's 64 pages of comic strips, jokes and stories featuring your favorite flaky Faustian freak.

Slacker sorcerer Pewfell and his wife Tina the warrior princess, struggle to makes ends meet in the fabulous city of Spirekassle - home to all manner of strange and nefarious types including including a half-cut half-toad, an unscrupulous lawyer and a devious CEO.

Join Pewfell and his comic companions in these hilarious tales of unwitting adventure and domestic mayhem, as they face dragons, demons and and a diminutive lodger in search of a date.

This collection of comic strips featuring characters from the popular daily ModernTales.com webcomic forms a complete and self-contained comic fantasy graphic novel.

Order your copy of this profound publication by visiting http://www.pewfell.com , or send an email to chuck@pewfell.com, or use ModernTales.com Swapmeet.

And if you're in the Bay Area next weekend (Feb 21-22) you can come and meet me & my co-writer Adam Prosser in person at the Alternative Press Expo at San Francisco 's Concourse Center at the Wingnut Games booth: http://www.comic-con.org/Pages/APEWhatsNew.html - hope to see you there!

Chuck Whelon Cartoon Illustration