Jimmy Breslin wrote a great book about the 1962 Mets whose title may or may not have been a genuine quote from Casey Stengel. The
full quote that Breslin used was something like, "Some days, I look up and down the bench, and I ask, 'Can't anybody here play this game?'"

For me, Marvel has become largely irrelevant. They continue to stumble along with their limited selection of comics. They continue to evince no grasp of what business they are in. Doesn't anybody there know how to publish comics, anymore?

Pokemon is a fad that is of varying help to many comics stores. The only long-term benefit that it is likely to have is to expose a new generation of kids to comics. Whether there'll be comics or comics stores when they get old enough to buy comics on there own is an open question.

Attrition of stores & publishers is of course the biggest worry. How much more attrition can we take before the entire business is unviable? And where is the next market for comics going to come from? Any ideas?
"I love him like a brother. David Greenglass." -- Woody Allen - Crimes & Misdemeanors