Hey. I just read Tnoy Isabella's dec. 15 TOT, and most of it has been reprinted in other postings. I'm just looking to respond to a single line of it. Yeah, the ghetto remark.

First off, your an asshole for even thinking that, then considering yourself some kind of supporter of small press. What an ignorant, and I mean uneducated, thing to say. Not to mention just plain wrong.

I'm name calling for one reason, Mr. Isabella, as respected as he is, posted a very childish TOT in reply to a string I started here on comicon.com explianing my frustration with the mid ohio show.

I for one don't think your the right person to be supporting small press in any way, and I doubt CBG will get very far with a small press version of their paper anyway. The small press doesn't sell con tickets - your words - how could they sell papers???

You also included NOT a reveiw of some one's book, an out and out slam on the person's work, life style even, then you didn't name names like you did them a favor. Why?? What point did that make in your quest to slander small press??

Now, anyone else out there who thinks of small press as a "ghetto", you need to buy some of these books. What are you buying for a buck, or two, or three?? More often than not, the person on the other side of the table took that book from start to finish, from a mere sparkle of an idea all the way to a finished product, and that includes the friking PRINTING and STAPLING of the book at a local kinko's, or some such copy shop.

These people throw their heart and souls into a small, often digest sized book, and then pack up and head out to a comic book show expecting sideway looks, and disdain, from all the great super hero readers, and creators, but still putting on a smile, they push their products.

NO, I'm not trying to say that we are owed anything, or elite for spending our time how we spend it, but we are NO GHETTO, and you need to acknowledge that.

Tony is simply proving my point. No one on welfare in the small press Tony. We work for a living buddy. We make our comics in the fashion we make them because WE WANT to, and it is hard work.

It's the same need that drives you to write things down in TOT with no one telling you how to do it. You write what you want, how you want, then you market it how you want.

Most of the time I don't bother with negative small press remarks, because there are many. But your a respected creator claiming to be an avid supporter of small press then taking the same cheap shots as everyone else.

I'm not trying to sound like I'm the spokes person for small press. Someone else chime in here, tell me I'm wrong or I'm right.

In the last decade (atleast) small press has become a main stay on the comic book convention circuit. Con's are the only place to get some of these books.