THECOMIC.COM is pleased to announce a newly
revamped and expanded website. It has been up for a week or so now, and seems to be free of any major bugs, so I am publicly declaring it open. The interface should be a lot smoother and more navigable now, and I have added the following new features:

-Free book rate shipping on US orders
-Beowulf T-shirts
-News section
-Preview of Beowulf #3 cover
-Techniques page
-Printable mail-order forms
-Links to my books on
-Site index
-And more! (boy that sounded cheesy, huh?)

One disclaimer. There is a blatant lie in the news section, where it says that there are 2 new pages of Deus up. I was supposed to do some new pages for the release, but I didn't get to it, so this item points to the 2 pages I did back in July (July?!? Good God, I'm a slacker). I promise new Deus as soon as I finish Beowulf #3.

Gareth Hinds
Gareth Hinds