As usual, Thompson goes off with great flair, with his usual personal attacks aimed at moi.

I just wonder how long Thompson will keep his "word"? Why the theatrical posturings?
Why did he not just leave and say nothing? He had to give a grand speech and many followed with their regrets and attacks upon him.

Actually, that thread belonged in the Gutters. So did many of his posts. Up here, we should at least make an attempt to be civil without belittling one another (I confess, there may have been times when I crossed the line above the gutters. I don't recall them, but it is possible), and I am not surprised that Thompson took another cheap shot at me before he left above the gutters. Typical.

Goodbye Mr. Thompson. No doubt I will see you here again in a short time. No doubt I will read your posts slamming me yadda, yadda..But until then....I accept your temporary "gift", until you "grace" us with your presence again.

"If we lose a hundred troops a week, then Dean will be our next Prez." Jack V, avid Dean supporter with no concern for the troops.