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I actually have to disagree with all the comments above. I loved pitch black and had high hopes for Riddick, but was immensely disappointed. Within the first five minutes I was groaning from the unbelievable dialogue, which while occasionally funny("been a long time since i smelled beautiful..."), came off most often as bad one-liners ("follow this").

But I can forgive a movie for such action-flick staples. What I CANNOT forgive is a bad story. Ok, so Riddick is a Furyan, and it has been fortold that the grandmarshall (or whatever he's called) is meant to die at the hands of a furyan. Ok, so its the Moses story, I get it. Except that Riddick doesn't give a shit about this. Or if he does, he doesnt let us know (maybe this is because he's too busy trying to decide if he wants to wear his shades or not). And while I'm on that topic, there is no consistency concerning his eyes. In pitch black, he had them altered in prison so he could see. But apparently that was a lie. So is it because he is, in fact, furyan? Is that why he can befriend the similarly-reflective-eyed dinosaur dogs(are they meant to be furyan as well? If not, then why the eyes? It certainly isnt perennially dark in the Crematoria - the name makes me groan - prison). But if it is because of his furyan ancestry, then why does the necromonger purifier not have the eyes as well?

There are other problems as well: The necromonger religion is never adequately explained. I get the role it plays in the film, and in that respect I suppose it works, but it seems to lack any substance, and is instead an excuse for incorporating plot devices, such as Riddick's "achievement" at the end of the film. Also, the relationship between Thandie Newton and Karl Urban is never fully explained. Ok, they are lovers, she's ambitious and he's devious although pious. Thats fine. But what position does she hold. Perhaps this is defined in the credits which I certainly didnt bother waiting around for, but in the film she is never mentioned by name. How is it that She seems to have so much power, when her interactions are limited only to between Urban and Vin Diesel?

I fail to see why I've spent this much time discussing the film. What a disappointment.


What he said. I couldn't even put this in the no-brainer action flick for guys segment. I hate when the commercials are more interesting than the flick.