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As we all know, the X-Men have been going through a rough couple of months with the "Messiah Complex" crossover. So we asked the X-Mansion to send someone over and they're a little busy so it was very last minute and - (off-camera) Is someone here yet? Yes? The Blackbird just touched down? Great. (back to camera) Okay, so please join me in welcoming one of the X-Men!

(Wolverine walks out)

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Wolverine! What a nice surprise!

Is it?


I'm fuckin' everywhere, man.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: That's true. Considering you're practically carrying the entire franchise on your shoulders, don't you think you should get some special recognition?

A vacation would be nice. Or they could hook me up with Jeannie finally.


It ain't gonna happen, I know. But look, a lot of people say I'm one of, if not the "coolest" character in comics. And I can't seal the deal? It's unrealistic, that's all I'm sayin'.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: But she's supposed to be in love with Scott Summers.

Last I checked he was shackin' up with Emma, tellin' Xavier to go fuck himself AND he got rid of the ruby quartz visor. Damn.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: It's been a big year for Cyclops.

Look, Slim deserves it. I'm not gonna pretend there ain't some hostilities between us, but I respect the guy. And yeah he's blowin' off some steam right now, but you get called a douche enough times and it's gonna happen.


Yeah, ain't that what people call him? I'm pretty sure I saw the term "douche" thrown around on the message boards.

You read message boards?

Sure I do. Gotta know what the people think. I don't necessarily care, but I like to know.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Well the response seems to be, overall, pretty positive for "Messiah Complex".

Yeah, I've been gettin' that feelin' too, which is nice, 'cause it was a lot of hard work.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: I can imagine. Plus now you've got the new X-Force ongoing series. Can you really take on another title right now?

Y'know, I complain and bitch, but at the end of the day I'm grateful for the opportunities the X-Men has given me. How many people can say they get to do what they love for living?

GRAPHIC DEBATE: You love eviscerating people?


Yeah, I do.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: I'm surprised you'd admit to something like, especially in today's sensitive, politically-correct world.

Hey, I don't make excuses and I don't make apologies. "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice."

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Frank Miller really captured you perfectly, didn't he?

Frank's a sweetie.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: So back to X-Force, what do you think of the new team?

It's good. It's solid. We've got myself, Warpath, Wolfsbane, and X-23.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: What's it like working with a female version of yourself?

Bottom line, I've got all the qualities fanboys want in a comic book character – except one. Tits. X-23 solves that problem.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Interesting, but that doesn't really answer my question –

Workin' with X-23 is fine. Whadya want me to say? Do I wanna make out with myself? No.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Fair enough. I'm sorry if I crossed a line there –

Relax, darlin', it's fine. But with X-Force, yeah, it's gonna be fun. I dunno if anyone's seen the solicitation, but we, uh, get to deal with stuff "permanently". And we all know I'm a fan of "permanently".

GRAPHIC DEBATE: I have a hard time believing the X-Men would sanction killing anyone, even their enemies.

I ain't gonna lie, it does sound too good to be true. But fuck, if we don't get to kill anyone I'm gonna be pissed. It's got a parental advisory though, so that's promising.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: I see from the cover you're changing your costume again. This time to black and gray with red lenses in your mask?

You let Cyclops design a costume… I guess it's to send a message about who sent X-Force to do the dirty work? But does he get himself dirty? No, of course not. Whatever. Like I said, Cyclops and I share a mutual respect. Doesn't mean I gotta have a beer with the guy, but if there's only one left in the 'fridge, sure I'd let him have it.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: I see. So do you like the new costume?

Yeah, it's fine.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Because there's a lot of debate over what's your best costume. The yellow and blue, the brown and tan –

Look, nothin' beats runnin' around naked. End of discussion.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Well thank you for your candor.

No problem. We done?

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Yes, it was great having you on the show.

Don't mention it.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: And that wraps up this episode of "Graphic Debate"! Don't forget to check out Wolverine in UNCANNY X-MEN, ASTONISHING X-MEN, WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, ULTIMATE X-MEN, THE NEW AVENGERS and now also X-FORCE –

Plus I got a movie coming out. First member of the X-Men to have his own movie.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: When's it coming out?


Nobody knows.

GRAPHIC DEBATE: Got it. Alright everyone, thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next week!

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