I thought I'd respond and, while I'm at it ... apologize for any confusion that my original post caused. I thought it was self-evident. I'd also like to apologize for the chance of any lengthy responses to follow. I trust you'll forgive me.

Kevin: I, personally, as well as, Dennis Kininger (ORCA's president) and the entire membership of Organized Readers is/are CBLDF supporters. While most are not 'paid into' the cause ... they still believe in the mission statement of the CBLDF. It would've been nice to see you acknowledge ORCA in print here. As, you and I are not "strangers" to each other.

Regarding the CBLDF raffle? Send me the info in an email to:
I'll be happy to help by putting my monies where my mouth is. I'll also include your efforts in my variety of outgoing communications. Okay?

danielhombre: Donations to ORCA ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE! At present, all donations are being underwritten by the Salvation Army. Should you care to donate ... please contact me off list. Thank you.

Tim Frell: ORCA is the acronym for, "Organized Readers of Comics Associated". You can investigate our organization by going to:

To date, ORCA has been responsible for giving away over 120,000 thousand *free* comic books (of all kinds and differing genre) since June of 1993. We produce a digest sized news/fanzine entitled, "Fresh", and we do little things like attending conventions that do not get the level of deserved media coverage ... posting much of what transpires at those events on our website indicated above. What I think makes that unique is that (to date) no other online entity has chosen to provide coverage AND post those particulars to the internet in the fashion that we have.

ORCA also has an APA. Anyone wishing to see a complimentary copy can contact Dennis Kininger at: and request a copy. As this costs us out of pocket ... I would have to state that THAT makes us a tad more "generous" than most others. But certainly... not as special as the others.

As stated earlier... ORCA has been around since 1993. Silently building our ranks, trying to help younger people to discover the hobby of reading and possibly, collecting comic books. But our emphasis has mainly been on the READING aspect. Kids reading comics will often read other written efforts. Reading isn't something any of us should ashamed of, is it? You're not ashamed that you read comic books, are you?

You shouldn't be!

Kevin: I just realized that you "apologized" after being back bitten by Jack. Are you okay? Most of us need a trp to the Doctor's office for a shot after experiencing that sort of happening. Really, not as critical a comment as it sounds. Just an observation. For the record - I've "babysat" the CBLDF booth on an occasion or two before.

TooLateTheHero: Thanks for the insightful post. Yes, our site has been lull in being changed & updated, at least since the convention held in White Plains, New York. That was the event that hosted so many of the surviving Golden age & Silver age Creators. There were people like Scott Roberts, Jim Shooter, and Barry Windsor Smith there also. Not to forget, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell too!

And... you're right about the reviews. They date back to April. Part of the problem with that circumstance is that we get a large variety of reviews...making a timely exposure more difficult. Believe me, it isn't easy.

I wasn't offended by your observations. In a second I'm going to share some news with you that might entice you to keep an eye on our site further.

We're undergoing a revision at Certain changes are being made to make it an easier task to update columns and graphics by the people stationed around the world that participate in what our group is doing. I hope that will make the columns more timely and fruitful to visit and read. We're adding a Message Board and I believe a couple of updatable online cartoons. Yes, our site will soon look like ALL the other sites you might find ... EXCEPT ... our site will be advertised OUTSIDE of the comic book market. We've built a few paths and a couple of highways into the educational sector, and our ongoing efforts with the Salvation Army this fall and winter will place (hopefully) 10-15 thousand more comics for kids into circulation.

All you reades living in fear that ONLY kids will find a comic book to suit their tastes should and can relax - ORCA's also making give-away allowances to fill any adult requests for comics. We, unbeknownst to the majority of you, have discovered a way to identify the exact types of comics a former non-comic book reading adult person might like to try. 'Course, enticing an adult reader is harder than a child but we are patient people here at Organized Readers.

I applaud your efforts to give those neighbor kids those books. Do you know how many of them are reading other comics today? I know several kids, ...well, they're not kids now... they attend college in other States, and some are in the work force already. Anyway... they still read comics. And they're still involved with ORCA.

Well, I hope my responses didn't leave any questions unanswered. My thanks to ORCA Fuka for his continued support. Anyway... be good.

Rick Olney
Organized Readers of Comics Associated

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Rick Olney
Organized Readers of Comics Associated