To any and all retailers who placed orders for COMPLEX CITY #2 (and thank you, by the way), there has been a major foul-up by Diamond that will delay the shipment of that issue. What happened was, I had prepared a promotional give-away pack that Diamond was supposed to send to their top 500 retailers who do NOT already order my book (this is a promo tool which Diamond will do for small-pressers and is a pretty good deal); at about the same time, COMPLEX CITY #2 was nearing completion at Morgan printing. The promo packs were shipped to Diamond's distribution centers first, and for some unknown reason (depsite the fact that the two items had completely seperate p.o. numbers), Diamond took the promo packs and used them to fill the orders that had been placed for COMPLEX CITY #2.

The upshot is that retailers who DID order my book now have a promotional pack (actually MULTIPLE promo packs, depending on how many of #2 they ordered) asking them to please order my book ... and the 500 stores who DON'T order my book have bupkiss. And since the p.o. for CC #2 has now presumably been closed out, even though the books are finished and sitting in their warehouse, I do not know for sure when they will ship. I am hoping this debacle will only delay them a week, and that they will reach stores on Jan. 10th, but for the moment, I do not have a definite answer. My rep is working on the problem, and I will post additional info to this thread as I receive it.

Despite my extreme distress at this development, I have not created this thread to bash Diamond, but rather to inform the retailers who visit this site as to what's going on.

JE Smith

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