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"And this is why you need to be careful with stuff just posted on the Internet.
For those of you who have been following the Alan Moore/Awesome/Marvel Italia conspiracy, here's the latest and greatest update.

The press release that got many people up in arms was a joke.

It came from a Spanish web site about comics, Yesterday in Spain it was "el dia de los inocentes", their version of April Fool's Day.

Unfortunately most everyone took this news seriously. Just goes to show you that we all need to chill a bit with this online stuff. Just because you read it here first doesn't make it fact. It's so easy to get stuff like this rolling and before you know it you have a mob with torches outside of someone's door.

This gets right to the heart of what I've been talking about with regard to the negativity in the industry. If we were to say that comics are on the upswing or any such good news, it would be met with utter skepticism. Certain pros and fans alike would be calling me a suit or Marvel's mouthpiece. Now, print something negative and everyone excepts it without even checking the facts. If it's crappy news well it has to be true! Is there any better argument for the utter disaster that awaits us unless we start to cut ourselves some slack and get our heads out of our pie holes.